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Celina Jaitly is a proud mother of 3 kids today. She and her partner Peter Haag are parents to 3 sons and time and again, the actress proves how strong she is as a mother and a woman. However, the journey of motherhood hasn’t been an easy one for her. While there have been countless great moments, there have been many difficult ones as well. One of them was losing her son Shamsher, and 5 years after that incident, she finally opened up on it.

Celina’s motherhood journey

In 2012, the actress embraced motherhood for the first time by giving birth to twin sons. Then in 2017, she again had twin boys, however, this time one of the son passed away shortly due to a heart defect. It was a premature birth and thus, one of the sons couldn’t make it. That time marked one of the toughest phases for Celina Jaitly and husband Peter Haag. They had to be strong for their newborn and deal with the loss of their kid at the same time.

5 years after that incident, Celina finally opened up on it through her Instagram. The actress uploaded a post narrating her ordeal, hoping to help parents going through similar situations. They emphasised that premature babies are true survivors and live a healthy, normal life. She put up pictures of her and Peter post Arthur’s birth and a present day picture with their 3 sons as well.

Celina Jaitly on losing son Shamsher

Sharing the story of dealing with son Shamsher’s death, Celina wrote, “The outcome of our 2nd spontaneous #twinpregnancy was bittersweet due to Baby Shamsher’s loss due to a heart condition.( I went into labour at 32 weeks due to my fathers sudden passing.) It was very difficult for Peter n I but we smiled after many million tears in this photograph (1) to seal a happy memory for our blessing baby @arthurjhaag arrival as he went straight to NICU in an incubator for 3 months immediately upon his arrival.”

She added, “The NICU was a strange & difficult environment. From our experience, accepting that there will be good days and bad days will help you to feel less shocked & worried when challenging days happen. While not an option for everyone, Peter & I moved into the same hospital in Dubai for the few months of #nicu as loss of Shamsher left us immensely anxious about Arthur and feelings of frustration, intense sadness, nervousness, disappointment, guilt, anger, love overwhelmed us too.”

Actress’ advice to parents

Celina went to give her advice to parents who might be going through a similar phase. She said, “So please know that you are not alone in how you are feeling. Know that extreme & sometimes contradictory emotions are experienced by nearly every parent of a preemie at one time or another. It is very important at such a time to remember you can be more effective as a team than individually so watch your teamwork as parents. Speaking, singing gently to your premature baby in the NICU is a great way to bond and feel close, even when you can’t hold him. Remember Impossible odds set the stage for incredible miracles. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

Not just Arthur, but his mom Celina is also a true survivor and a personification of strength. The actress has always stood up for what is right and been an example to follow. Her motherhood journey is truly inspirational.

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