October 4, 2023

Babil Khan is two films old in the industry, having done Qala and Friday Night Plan. The actor delivered impressive performances in both. Even though he had been in the limelight for a long time being the son of the legend Irrfan Khan, his own success brought him more in the spotlight. And while he feels grateful about it, he also laments the freedom that has gone away due to it.

Recently, Babil got in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble and poured his heart out. He shared how the fame and pressure of social media has affected his freedom to live. During the discussion he also revealed the advice Shoojit Sircar gave him 2 years ago. But he ignored it then and now regrets that decision.

Babil Khan reveals the advice by Shoojit Sircar

The young actor revealed, “I messed up man. Shoojit da, 2 years ago told me, ‘you won’t be able to do this in 2 years. Go now, pick a bag and very budget yourself. Don’t live lavishly, budget yourself and go for a solo trip across India. You need to do this as an actor.’ And I didn’t do it.”

Babil insists that an artist needs to experience life between people to learn the different realities in the world. But being famous and busy now, he laments not being able to do that now. That is why he regrets not listening to Shoojit da at the time.

He insisted, “Now, I am like, I don’t know how to play this character. How do I even reach? Reaching through my own ways and through my own individuality is okay. But there are characteristics that you have to pick up and observe, which you can’t do on your own because you haven’t seen. So, I have to go to small town and I have to figure out how people talk, how people walk, how people feel and how people behave when they feel something. I need to do that. The obstruction in the freedom to do that is really bothering me.”

Babil and Shoojit film

Shoojit and Babil’s father Irrfan Khan had collaborated on Piku and shared a very warm equation. They were to collaborate again on Sardar Udham but Irrfan passed away before they could. The filmmaker had decided to carry on the collaboration with Irrfan through his son. He had announced a film with Babil in 2021, although no update has been there on it since.

You can watch the entire interview with Babil here:

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