June 5, 2023
Have a look at Najm Retro’s life. The first celebrity trainer to open his GYM in Dubai and he is inspiring young lives to follow their passion.

Najm Retro, the first celebrity trainer to open his own gym in the UAE, has a
fitness background that spans 12 years. He has also launched Retro Cafe, Retro
sports and Retro fitness academy. Najm’s style is a unique blend of old-school and
modern approaches to fitness. He is known for his work as a celebrity trainer and
for opening his own gym in the UAE. Najm Retro’s philosophy on fitness is simple:
“hustle for that muscle”. Najm was exposed to fitness and sports at a young age,
and he quickly developed a passion for both. He began his career as a personal
trainer 12 years ago, and he has since worked with some of the biggest names in
the UAE fitness industry. In 2022, Najm Retro launched his Gym in Dubai with the
help and support of his professional team Retrofit.
Nowadays Retrofit Gym isfamous among people for helping people achieve their
fitness and health goals. They offer a variety of classes, workouts and nutrition
plans that are designed to help people lose weight quickly. It is an ideal place for
those looking to lose weight fast and easily. The gym is open 24 hours for all the
members. As they say, health is beauty and fitness is its key is 100 per cent true.
If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle then this is the perfect place to start your
fitness journey.

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