October 1, 2023

Actor Sushmita Sen was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Addison’s disease in 2014. For the treatment, she was taking steroids in heavy amounts. Sushmita has been often seen sharing that it was the most traumatizing phase of her life. Well, speaking about her Addison disease, Sushmita Sen revealed that she thought her career was finished. And this news shook her up completely.

Sushmita Sen on taking steroids for Addison disease

When asked how difficult it was for her and her family in terms of survival. The Aarya actor said, “Very tough. That phase of my life was the one that shook me considerably because I’m someone like, ‘It’s okay, everything will be better tomorrow.’ But when someone tells you that you’re on steroid dependent for life and it has many side effects, you’re done and your career is done. The way you know your life to be is done because you cannot be out in public for very long. You don’t have a stress management system. The more stress you’ll take the more steroids you will have to take to accommodate for it. This shook me up.”

She continued, “I was like ‘You give me any amount of problem god, I’ll take it. But nothing so permanent that I feel decapacitated. My spirit was broken for a bit and then Instagram happened.” She added that someone told her to get on the platform and she realised that there are people who are also sharing their stories and telling her how she inspired them. Sushmita also added that those stories started healing her broken heart.

The Taali actor concluded, “Once the will is there, things change. I went to Germany, and England, I went to every detox place in the world that I could go to to heal. I was like I have to find a solution. And boy, when it kicked in it was life-affirming.

What is Addison disease? Well, it is a disorder in which the adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones. Apart from this disease, Sushmita also suffered a heart attack early this year.

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