October 1, 2023

Actor Janhvi Kapoor who is often seen penning down her heart after finishing a film’s shoot did the same for Ulajh shoot. She took to her Instagram and dropped pictures from the sets of Ulajh. Sharing those pictures, Janhvi announced wrapping up the shoot. With the pictures, she also penned a long note, talking about her journey. She stated that the story of the movie is coincidentally intertwined with her real life.

Janhvi Kapoor talking about her experience shooting Ulajh

The Mili actor wrote, “It’s a wrap still having dreams of the world we tried to create. Each film has been a lesson, and it’s story deeply and coincidently intertwined with things happening in my life. And through Suhana’s journey, and the journey of making this film- my biggest learning has been to allow yourself to love what you do, to identify if you’re doing it for the right reasons, to let go of baggage and external pressures and opinions. To get off a hamster wheel that leads to nowhere and let yourself walk to your own pace, as long as you believe in where you’re going.

Janhvi talks about Ulajh director & others

Sudhanshu Saria, you have made me believe in myself in a way that I didn’t even know I needed. You made me feel heard, and seen and made me want to fight battles that I never knew I had a right to even be a part of. To see you smile in the face of each obstacle and embrace each challenge with enthusiasm is beyond inspiring.”

@shredevdube I am so grateful that I was baring my soul to a lense that was being held by you, I felt protected, inspired and sooo much love. You made each moment feel intimate and bigger than any of us at the same time. Everything about this journey has been so healing, and that’s only because of our amazing team! I hope you guys feel as passionately as we did, about what we’ve tried so hard to create”. Janhvi continued.

Ulajh also stars Roshan Mathew and Gulshan Devaiah.  

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