September 24, 2023

Ever since Karan Johar signed on Lakshya Lalwani as a talent, the wait for the young star’s debut has been highly anticipated. He has good looks, a charm of his own and a lot of talent waiting to be tapped. With the track record that Karan has with launching newcomers, something big was expected for Lakshya too, And it has happened with Kill. However, not just the actor, but the film in itself has emerged as the biggest surprise of the year.

Lakshya starrer Kill gets a roaring response

Well, Lakshya’s debut was being anticipated, the announcement of Kill came s a big surprise for the audience. There was no update on the film even amongst the rumour mills. And while the announcement was a surprise, what added to it was the intriguing first poster. Lakshya being held with a knife against his throat made for a spine-chilling first look. The makers also have been keeping the excitement up by not revealing much about the film.

What also makes the film unique is the collaboration of Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Guneet Monga. While Dharma Productions is known for its commercial appeal, Guneet’s Sikhya Entertainment is known for its riveting content. With both these world merging in Kill, the Nikhil Nagesh Bhat directorial is already high up on the list for films to watch out for. Questions like when the film was made, why wasn’t there much out about it, has kept the cinephiles engaged and curious.

High-octane action

Apart from the surprising announcement, the film’s genre has also kept everyone hooked. Kill promises to be a non-stop, high-octane actioner. Aseem Chhabra has called it as the most violent film ever made in India. It has already been given an A certificate and the makers are targeting the young audience looking for a different thrill on screen.

While getting launched by Karan is already a dream come true, Lakshya’s debut has achieved another milestone already. Kill had its premiere recently at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). For a debutante, it is a big feat. And what makes it better is that the film got a roaring response at the screening. The debutante shared a glimpse of the audience reaction from TIFF and it has only piqued the interest in the film.

A critic called the film like Train To Busan meets Raid. With the adrenaline rush this promises, it’s surely going to get the ticket counters ringing. Getting a comparison with two iconic films, surely Kill has something special to offer. Other reviews that have also come in boasts of the film’s supremacy. It is being lauded for its action and people have called out its potential to be the ‘next John Wick’.

KILL screening at TIFF

The curiosity isn’t just limited to the film but also the actor. As discussed, Lakshya’s debut has been highly anticipated, and now Karan is launching him as the new action hero. There is an intensity in Lakshya’s eyes that makes him quite appealing on screen. The poster of Kill brings that out effectively.

Kill came in like a big surprise and then took over like a storm. With just a poster released, the curiosity for the film is on another level. One can only imagine what will happen once the teaser and trailer are unveiled. Lakshya is truly getting a dream debut and he promises to be the next big thing.

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