July 22, 2024

A decade ago, a group of passionate individuals embarked on a cinematic journey that would redefine Tulu cinema forever. Today, on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day, we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking film “Nirel,” directed by the visionary Ranjith Bajpe.

The inception of “Nirel” traces back to a humble beginning, rooted in friendship and a shared love for storytelling. Ranjith Bajpe, along with his comrades San Poojary, Rajneesh Amin, and Sachin Padil, initially envisioned creating a short film for a cultural event in Dubai. However, fate had grander plans in store when they crossed paths with the esteemed social worker Shodhan Prasad. It was under his guidance that their modest short film metamorphosed into a full-fledged feature production.

What sets “Nirel” apart is not just its captivating narrative but also its pioneering spirit. Entirely shot in the picturesque landscapes of the UAE, the film broke new ground as the first Indian movie to be entirely filmed abroad. Even the scenes depicting Bangalore were meticulously crafted against the backdrop of Dubai’s urban landscape, showcasing the team’s ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Reflecting on the challenges and triumphs of those early days, director Ranjith Bajpe fondly recalls the unwavering support they received from Shodhan Prasad and the ambitious dedication of San Poojary. Shooting the film exclusively on Fridays, utilizing their precious leisure time, exemplified the team’s commitment and passion for their craft.

“Nirel” served as a launchpad for several talented individuals, including Anoop Sagar, Varuna Shetty, Deepak Paladka, and Deepthi. Their stellar performances captivated audiences and opened doors to diverse opportunities across multiple regional film industries.

The film’s soul-stirring music, composed by Abhishek SN, complemented its narrative brilliance, further enhancing the viewer’s cinematic experience. Originally premiering at Golden Cinemas in Dubai on February 14, 2014, “Nirel” received an overwhelming response from movie enthusiasts, eventually making its mark in the Indian film landscape.

The accolades garnered by “Nirel” stand as a testament to its cinematic brilliance. From the masterful cinematography honoured with the Mani Kookal award to the compelling storytelling recognized through Karthik Gowda’s screenplay, the film continues to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide.

Notably, the inclusion of renowned Kannada actor Ramesh Aravind in a guest role added to the film’s allure, bridging cultures and showcasing the universality of its themes.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Nirel” on this romantic Valentine’s Day, let us not only reminisce about its profound impact but also anticipate the future of Tulu cinema, fuelled by the passion and creativity exemplified by this groundbreaking film.

Director Can be reached online through https://www.instagram.com/ranjithbajpe/

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