June 19, 2024


Nayanthara is considered as one of the biggest superstars of Tamil cinema. Filmmakers from the Hindi film industry have been approaching to maker her debut here for a while, but Nayanthara never said yes. Until Jawan happened. It was Shah Rukh Khan who got Nayanthara to make her Bollywood debut with the recently released actioner. And it has been a blockbuster debut to say the least. But did you know SRK had made this promise to the actress 10 years ago?

Shah Rukh Khan promised Nayanthara for Hindi films 10 years ago

Amid the craze for Jawan, a video from 10 years ago surfaced online and has gone viral. The clip is from an award show where the actress won an award. SRK is also seen amongst the audience members in the video. While on stage, Nayanthara admitted to her love for SRK in Tamil. When Shah Rukh couldn’t understand it, the host explained the actor that Nayanthara loves him.

While the actress couldn’t stop blushing, SRK gave his classic flirty expression with a thumbs up. After that, he gestures that he will fly Nayanthara away to Hindi films. When the host asks to confirm if King Khan means he will kidnap Nayanthara to take her to Hindi films, he agreed. Even the actress’ smile got wider on seeing that, and then the camera cuts straight to Atlee laughing.

Coincidentally, it is an Atlee directorial only that brought SRK and Nayanthara together and had the actress make her Bollywood debut. Netizens pointed out on the internet that it was just manifestation or maybe just a hint of the future. But seems like SRK has indeed fulfilled his promise to the actress from 10 years ago.

SRK and Nayanthara

While Jawan marks the actress’ entry in Hindi cinema, SRK had previously approached Nayanthara for a song in Chennai Express. The actress had rejected the offer at the time as she didn’t want to debut with a song. Priyamani eventually ended up doing the song which was One Two Three Four. Coincidentally, even Priyamani is a part of Jawan. Seems like the fate has been in play during the making of Jawan quite a few times. It was all meant to be and the box office results reflect that.

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