October 2, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan release has finally happened and the craze of it is visible all over the country. The film is being celebrated like a festival all across, be it North, South, East or West. Jawan fever has hit the entire nation and the affect of it can be seen everywhere.

Jawan release celebrated across the country


In Mumbai, fans took out a march outside the infamous Gaiety Galaxy ahead of the 6 AM show. People chanted SRK’s name as they showed their anticipation for the movie. The theatre went housefull for the early morning show, and even SRK acknowledged and appreciated his fan’s gesture. The actor stayed awake till 6 AM to see his audience go to the theatres.

Bangalore and Hyderabad

In Bangalore, people went crazy in theatres as Zinda Banda came on screen. A plethora of people can be seen dancing in front of the big screen as SRK is seen performing. The film brought everyone together from children to even senior citizens. Even Hyderabad saw similar scenes outside the theatre as all one could see is just colours everywhere.

Kolkata and Ahmedabad

Kolkata celebrated the Jawan mania with midnight shows, being one of only a few places to have that. The West Bengal capital city has a special connection with SRK and it clearly shows. The film had a show starting around 2:15 AM in the city. In the West, Ahmedabad also celebrated SRK and Jawan amidst much fanfare. Dancing on dhols and lots of colours form a part of the celebration.


The South fans often do big gestures for their superstars. And Shah Rukh Khan received a similar welcome to theatres in Chennai. A video from the city sees fans pouring milk on a big cut out of the actor from Jawan. There are also fans dancing on dhol in front of it. The film also stars South superstars Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi and Priyamani, so it already has a strong South connection. Even director Atlee and composer Anirudh belong from that fraternity.

Jawan mania is just going crazier and a storm will soon erupt at the box office. The film will emerge as the highest Hindi film opener and a Rs 100 crore opening day globally is very much on the cards.

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