April 16, 2024

Actor Sobhita Dhulipala was crowned as Femina Miss India in 2013. Soon after winning the pageant, she set foot in Bollywood. Only recently, she has delivered back-to-back projects that have garnered immense love and appreciation. People appreciated her work in The Night Manager and Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 and 2.

Sobhita Dhulipala on facing judgements for her looks

When asked if it ever posts as a hindrance or maybe a point of conflict while choosing films. Sobhita said, “I was 100% aware of this Prejudice. It made me want to make choices that gave people the chance to see my performance which is why I think a lot of the work I did, in the beginning, is slightly art house. Because even if it was a small role, I just wanted to do something where I could deliver a performance because that’s what I wanted people to see. And not just limit someone to like Glam doll or something. I have a deep respect for Performing Arts and the craft. So, that was my focus because of that reason.

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Sobhita Dhulipala talks about her good looks

Sobhita further said, “If I have to say the gift of good looks it is genetic, right? I can’t take credit for it but I can enjoy the gift of it, I can appreciate it, I can enjoy it. When people have a kind thing to say it feels nice but what feels nicer is what I create. Because how someone is made is not in their control but my merit of my work or my creation when you appreciate that, that really reaches the heart.”

Sobhita speaks about if people talk about her looks then her work

When asked if her good looks take the limelight away from her craft, The Night Manager answered, “I have been very lucky in this department. Very lucky because I’ve had the chance to do parts where I had the rooms for performances be it Made In Heaven or The Night Manager. Kaveri is meant to be a good-looking girl that is literally one of the reasons Shelley is so into her. But at the same time, Kaveri has a depth to her, a history, and there is some mystery to what is happening with her. And all that comes through performance only.

She continued, “Only a good-looking person onscreen is not a performer. So, I think it’s not been a hindrance of any kind and I have not been judged for it. I’ve been aware of the modelling background of this whole looks kind of thing. I just focused on picking parts that allowed me and my work to shine. So, the people have been kind with appreciation for that.

Sobhita is now gearing up for the release of Made In Heaven season 2

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