October 2, 2023

Sunidhi Chauhan has been the voice behind some of the most iconic songs in the Hindi film industry. The artist started her singing journey as a child and even after so many years, she rules the music charts. While she has seen a lot of success and failures in her profession, her personal life too has been full of ups and downs. In a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble, the singer discussed the same.

Sunidhi Chauhan on her broken marriage

During the conversation, Sunidhi recalled the mistakes she has made in her life. She said, “I have made so many mistakes, like blunders. But I am thankful for those mistakes because I am the person I am because of those mistakes. Agar wo mistakes nahi hoti to main bahut boring hoti. (If I didn’t make those mistakes, I would have been very boring). I would have been deprived of the good things in life because once you touch the dark side, that’s when you come out of it and see the light. You need to go there.

Sunidhi was very young when she got married to choreographer-director Bobby Khan in 2002. They met while working on a song when she was just 18 and fell in love. However, that marriage was very short-lived as they got divorced the next year.

Hinting at that phase, Sunidhi said she only looks back at it blissfully. She shared, “I am only thankful to God for showing me, that too so early in life so much happened and it was all absolutely blissful. When I was in it, I was still having a good time because I knew I was in the wrong place. But I was enjoying that because I knew that wrong place was not going to be there for a longer time. I was going to get out of it. So, now that I am out of it, I have been out of it since many years, I don’t look back at that. But if at all, somebody speaks about it, then I am only looking at it as something that only helped me in turning into a better person.”

Sunidhi on getting out of the phase

When asked if it was difficult getting out of that phase, Sunidhi answered in the negatory. The singer insisted, “I wouldn’t say that because I was too strong a person and not everybody is very strong. It didn’t really bother me. So, it will be a lie if I say I was going through so much and I came out of it. No, it barely took me (much time), it didn’t take much for me to come out of anything. I think I was never in it. I didn’t let it come on to me. But people out there, not everybody is as strong. So, I just pray and hope for those people who find it difficult. I just hope they have the right people around them, the support system, then anybody can come out. I would give that credit to myself of course, but firstly my family, my support system.”

Sunidhi also recalled something that tennis icon Novak Djokovic once said, that helped her. She shared, “Everybody goes through hard times but it’s how quickly you bounce back, how quickly you come out of that emotion. That is everything. It’s okay to feel bad, it’s okay to feel depressed. But how long are you staying in that emotion? That is the problem. You cannot. You have to pick yourself up, you have to come out of it yourself, see yourself and not pity yourself. See yourself as ‘what are you doing, just get up, it’s done, it’s over. That person has moved on already, what are you doing here?’ You have to talk to yourself. Your biggest friend is you.”

The singer went on to establish an iconic career in playback singing. In personal life too, she found love again in music composer Hitesh Sonik. The two got married in 2012 and in 2018, Sunidhi Chauhan gave birth to their son Tegh.

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