October 1, 2023

Actor Sushmita Sen was grabbing headlines when Lait Modi announced his love for her on Instagram. He dropped some mushy pictures with her on social media which went viral in no time. Lalit Modi is a business and he was the founder, first chairman and League Commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Whereas Sushmita Sen is one of the leading ladies in Bollywood. Netizens were shocked to see Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen dating. However, there were a few people who even called her a ‘gold digger’. Amidst the criticism, Sush then dropped a long post, hitting it back at trolls. Now, after a long time, the topic arose and she explained why she reacted to the gold digger remark.

During an interview with Mojo Story, Sush said, “The only reason that I put out that post was to laugh at it. I wasn’t that pained. It was just amusing because you call a woman a gold digger, and you are monetising that gold digger by writing stories on her.” Sushmita further added that what bothered her more was the silence of good people about the fiasco.

Sushmita said, “What bothers me is that when good people keep quiet, the bad just thrives. I have seen that happen too many times. We think it’s not elegant to respond. Let elegance be damned.” Sushmita clarified that she laughed when trolls attacked her. “I just need people to know I am laughing my lungs out. And it just shows me that generations have changed, but people haven’t changed morally and ethically much.”

Sushmita Sen slammed trolls who called her gold digger

Earlier, the Taali actor shared a post on her Instagram, giving a befitting reply to them. A part of the note read, “The so called intellectuals with their idiosyncrasies….the ignorant with their cheap & at times funny gossip. The friends I never had & the acquaintances I’ve never met….all sharing their grand opinions & deep knowledge of my life & character…monetising the ‘Gold Digger’ all the way!!! Ah these geniuses!!! I dig deeper than Gold…and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!! And yes I still buy them myself!!!

Sushmita Sen was in a relationship with Rohman Shawl. However, right after their breakup, Lalit Modi announced his relationship with Sush on social media. But now they are said to have parted ways as Sen recently revealed she is single.

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