September 24, 2023

Earlier this year, actor Sushmita Sen suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised immediately. She had informed her fans on Instagram live that she had a 95 per cent blockage in the main artery. Fortunately, she is doing well now and is continuing to work. She is currently basking in praise for her performance in the OTT series Taali. Amidst all the praises, Sushmita Sen graced the new episode of Extraordinary You from Bollywood Bubble where she opened up about her heart attack. Sushmita Sen also revealed how her daughters Renee Sen and Alisha Sen took care of her post her heart attack.

Sushmita Sen on her daughters taking care of her

Sushmita Sen exclusively told us, “What they have done, especially Alisha, my elder one is a big girl and has her own responsibilities and she is independent now. But this little monkey (Alisha), she gives me my beat-a-lock sharp at 9 without fail. She has set alarms so that I don’t miss my medicines, thanks to her. She is a very nurturing soul. They are like ‘My mother tells me what is good for me and all so she must know what’s good for her. So, she just has to follow it.’ But it is lovely to have children who hold on for dear life. But I don’t think they have a fear of losing me.”

Image source: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Sushmita wrote a post after suffering heart attack

In March, the Aarya actor penned a note on her Instagram, speaking about her incident. She wrote, “Keep your heart happy & courageous, and it’ll stand by you when you need it the most Shona (Wise words by my father @sensubir). I suffered a heart attack a couple of days back. Angioplasty done…stent in place…and most importantly, my cardiologist reconfirmed ‘I do have a big heart.’ Lots of people to thank for their timely aid & constructive action. Will do so in another post! This post is just to keep you (my well wishers & loved ones) informed of the good news. That all is well & I am ready for some life again!!!”

Sushmita Sen has adopted two beautiful daughters named Renee and Alisha. She welcomed Renee in 2000 when Sushmita was 24 years old and Alisha in 2010.

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