July 24, 2024


Bollywood’s highly acclaimed director Vivek Agnihotri recently announced his next The Kashmir Files Unreported. With his impeccable direction skills, a knack for storytelling and clean perspective, he is all set to treat us with a new film. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, he broke the silence on the Kashmir Files controversy and opened up about him not being neutral.

Vivek Agnihotri breaks silence on The Kashmir File Controversy

Director Vivek Agnihotri is honest in his work and words, talking about the other thing which irrtates him he said, “The second thing that irritates me is the hypocrisy. Nobody in the world can say that ‘I am neutral’. Anybody who is saying that is either lying or naive.” He further added, “I am not neutral on many many issues. I say it openly because I am a public speaker and a storyteller. Society collapses when wise people don’t speak up.”

The Kashmir files director Vivek Agnihotri wants Bollywood to change

Talking about different perspectives coming together, Vivek said, “I don’t think that a problem that’s the beauty of the world is that two people with different points of view can look at the same thing and then exchange notes. I always say saints and sinners are just exchanging notes. But the problem is social media has made people outrageous about nothing.”

He clarified that he wants Bollywood to become powerful Vivek said, “The subjects I dont understand I never speak on them. Bollywood I do, because Bollywood I understand. I don’t have a grudge but I say things about Bollywood because I want Bollywood to change. I want Bollywood to re-invent itself and become the world’s best film industry I want Bollywood to become the soft power of India. Not that people are laughing, where you go people are like ‘your dances are very good’, ‘your costumes are very beautiful.Everybody wants to copy our costumes but nobody wants to copy our stories. That’s why you will find film posters are mostly the copy of Hollywood movies with good concern I say.

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Vivek Agnihotri upcoming movies

On the work front, Vivek’s next directorial The Kashmir Files Unreported will be out soon. The release date for the same is not yet announced. Apart from this, he also has movies like The Vaccine War and The Delhi Files in the pipeline.

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