April 16, 2024

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri directorial The Kashmir Files received an outstanding response from the audience and critics alike. Now, recently the director dropped the trailer of The Kashmir Files Unreported. And, we are surely going to learn a lot from that. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Vivek Agnihotri slams Bollywood because he believes that films are not solely meant for entertainment purposes.

Vivek Agnihotri slams Bollywood

Vivek Agnihotri recalled the time when he got tired of cliche Bollywood films. He said “The journey started long back when I made Buddha In A Traffic Jam. There was a time when I got sick with the way Bollywood works and operates because everything was so star-driven that nobody cared about stories.”

He further added, “Then came a phase when films means only entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. I think that was a very very wrong signal we gave because if films were only entertainment then there is no difference between films and circus.”

He shared, “I then said that it’s very important to tell stories that everybody else is scared to tell. So, we made Buddha In A Traffic Jam. Then we made The Tashkent Files which everyone who thought won’t even last for two days lasted for 120 days and became the biggest sleeper hit of 2019.”

Vivek Agnihotri’s audacious approach to filmmaking has proven to be a resounding success, evident in the overwhelming response received by The Kashmir Files and The Tashkent Files. His commitment to bringing forth untold stories and delving into sensitive subjects showcases a dedication to elevating cinema beyond mere entertainment, making a significant impact on the industry.

Vivek Agnihotri shared his daring move of making The Kashmir Files

The director shared what people told him about before he made the movie. He shared, “With The Kashmir Files, we also tried to go into terrorism where nobody would dare go. That’s why this story was hidden for 32 years. There were a lot of politics and reasons but I won’t get into details. But, when we started making this film everybody said, ‘hey please dont,’ ‘you wont survive,’ ‘you won’t live.’ It was true and kinds of things have happened. But, it was important to tell.”

Through his thought-provoking films, Vivek Agnihotri challenges the conventional norms of Bollywood and fearlessly ventures into unexplored territories. He sets an example for filmmakers to break free from the confines of commercial cinema and embrace storytelling.

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Vivek Agnihotri upcoming movies

On the work front, Vivek’s next directorial The Kashmir Files Unreported will be out soon. The release date for the same is not yet announced. Apart from this, he also has movies like The Vaccine War and The Delhi Files in the pipeline.

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