July 24, 2024


Actor-Producer Pallavi Joshi had been a prominent name in the industry since the 80s. She garnered appreciation for her phenomenal performance in 2022 blockbuster The Kashmir Files which was directed by her husband Vivek Agnihotri. Now, she, along with husband and director Vivek Agnihotri, is all set to being the docu-series, The Kashmir Files Unreported. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actress revealed why she lost out on entertainment projects. Pallavi Joshi also went on to reveal that she lost Mrityudand to Madhuri Dixit.

Pallavi Joshi on losing out films

We asked Pallavi that does she thinks she has lost out on a lot of Masala Bollywood films. To which she said, “I have lost out on a lot of work. Then there was a lot of work which came my way and I thought there was nothing in it apart from just going around the trees and dancing. I thought just because every film needs a heroine I am getting those offers. So I had decided not to accept those. But somewhere down the line I had also started realizing that I need to do something more through my acting than just entertaining people.I have a social responsibility and there needs to be some takeaway from your work.  Hence you have stars and then you have actors and I’ve never considered myself to be an actor. I made sure to thoroughly research about my role and project.

We further ashed her if she regrets losing out on a specific project. Reacting to which Pallavi Joshi admitted that she regrets losing Mrityudand to Madhuri Dixit. Sharing what went wrong, she revealed, ‘So Prakash Jha had actually come to me with the movie and I loved the character. It was a very good film and the character was amazing. But then he managed to get some big financiers who wanted him to cast a star. He still didn’t compromise and decided to go ahead with Madhuri who was doing really well back then. That’s how I lost out on that film. Because it wasn’t small for him anymore. It had grown too big for and that’s why he had to cast Madhuri.

Pallavi Joshi and Vivek Agnihotri are all set to bring a series titled ‘The Kashmir Files Unreported’. It will have testimonials of those affected by the 90s exodus from Kashmir. Their upcoming projects include, The Delhi Files and The Vaccine War.

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