May 21, 2024


Model-turned-actor Aditya Singh Rajput was found dead at his apartment in Andheri on Monday. As per reports, Aditya was found in the bathroom and was immediately taken to the the nearby hospital. Sadly, he was declared dead on arrival. It was said that he died due to drug overdose. However, according to the latest report, Aditya might have suffered a serious head injury.

Here’s what we know about late actor Aditya Singh Rajput

Indian Express quoted a police officer saying, “A small injury on the rare left side of his head was seen during the panchnama. There was no bleeding, but the swelling on that part of the head was clearly visible. We suspect that he sustained a serious internal head injury but are awaiting a post-mortem report to ascertain the exact cause of his death.”

The police officer added, “We suspect he slipped and fell. His head probably collapsed on the corner of a tiled portion. And the impact of the head on the tile was so high that the tiles of that particular portion of the bathroom got broken.”

Here’s what Aditya’s house helper revealed…

The senior police officer further added that Aditya had been feeling unwell for the past four days. He had complained of cold and cough. It was his house help Arun who discovered him lying in the bathroom. Reacting to reports of Rajput dying due to drug overdose, the police said, “We have filed an accidental death report (ADR) and are examining the matter from all possible angles.”

The police officers are currently looking into the matter. The investigation is on. Krishnakant Upadhyay, deputy commissioner of police (detection-1), said, “We have already started the investigation and are all waiting for the post-mortem reports to ascertain his exact cause of death.”

Aditya was well-known in the industry. He has been a part of many TV commercials, Hindi shows and films. The actor was popularly known for paying a pivotal role in Ajay Devgn and Kajol starrer U Me Aur Hum. He was a part of Splitsvilla 9.

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