July 14, 2024


Actor Arbaaz Khan recently spoke about Salman Khan starrer Dabangg while revealing some interesting insights. From revealing how Salman agreed to don a moustache to how he changed the Munni Badnam song, the insights about the movie are exciting. During an exclusive interview with Bollywood, Arbaaz bares it all.

Arbaaz Khan reveals how Salman denied wearing a moustache

When asked if he and Salman Khan have faced creative differences while filming Dabangg. Arbaaz exclusively told Bollywood Bubble, “Not one but we had many creative differences and things have worked well after that. Many changes were implemented in the movie. Let’s start with the changes that he agreed to make in the movie. When we started shooting for Dabangg, we wanted Salman Khan’s look to be different. We wanted Salman with a moustache because we knew he was not planning to grow one. He (Salman) said, “I have never donned any get-up in any of my movies and I have been in the industry for 20 years and I’m not in a mood to do all this now.’

But then I said that you would look like the cop who was in Wanted or in other movies. How are you going to look different in Dabangg? You have to do something with the look.

Arbaaz revealed that he refused to don a moustache, adding that they were ready to roll but as a production team, they created fake moustaches for him. He then narrated that when Salman Khan started shooting for the film he felt something was off and he suddenly asked if they had the moustaches ready. The team got excited and said that they 3 moustaches ready. Arbaaz revealed that he was convinced to shoot it with the moustache after trying them out. “We were so happy because that was our vision and now you see that Chulbul Pandey’s moustache has become iconic. This is the accident of the cinema because people think that everything is planned. I think certain things just happen,” he said.

Arbaaz Khan on how Munni Badnam song was shot

Speaking about the iconic Munni Badman song, the Hello Brother actor then shared that during the shoot, Salman was not convinced by his entry scene after the song. He was not convinced by his entry in the song and told them to add him to the song. The makers were not prepared as they didn’t plan this out. However, Arbaaz then discussed with the director and planned to make his entry right in the middle of the song, baffling the villain. He said, “Now, it was for Salman Khan on how he managed to pull the scene. It would have worked otherwise but it worked brilliantly because he had something in his mind. He told me and I got convinced and that’s how it works as a team. While film making it, you either agree to someone or you disagree.”

Salman Khan added his dialogue in Dabangg

The Patna Shuklla producer further said, “A similar thing happened with dialogues as well. For example, Robin Hood Pandey was his contribution, ‘Kamal karte ho Pandey ji’ was his dialogue. Even the Chedi Singh dialogue was his dialogue. And those dialogues came promptly. Even his dance step and the step with the belt were Salman’s contributions. Farah Khan choreographed the song and she asked him to do anything so even Farah can’t take credit for that. There are times when you get into the character, you start contributing by default. The character starts looking differently.

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