June 22, 2024


Two gunmen had opened fire outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment at 5 AM on April 14. Since then, fans are investigating the case and checking the CCTV footage. As the security outside his residence has beefed up, Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan breaks the silence on the incident. He said that there’s nothing to worry about. He told CNN News 18, “There is nothing to tell. They just want publicity, there is no need to worry.”

During the Eid celebration, Salman Khan was accompanied by his father Salim Khan on the balcony when the superstar greeted fans. Like a tradition, he came out to his balcony to meet and greet his fans who thronged outside his residence to get his one glimpse. Now, days after the meet and greet session, gunmen fired outside his house.

Salman Khan and Salim ji during Eid celebrations

Salman Khan’s brothers Arbaaz Khan and with wife Sshura Khan and Sohail Khan were seen visiting the Galaxy apartment to check on him. Earlier, even his good friend Baba Siddique had come to visit the Bhaijaan.

Meanwhile, Pooja Bhatt even reacted to the incident on her Twitter handle. Calling this incident scary, the Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi actor demanded more stringent surveillance in Bandra. She took to her microblogging site (Twitter, now X) and wrote, “Horrific and condemnable. If this can happen with a police van parked outside the Khan residence for protection then it is fair to say that safety is an illusion. Need more stringent surveillance in Bandra for certain. Robberies were rife a while ago and now a shoot out? Scary.

For the unversed, it’s reported that one of the bullets was shot on the first floor where Salman was residing. As per the police, a foreign pistol was used in the firing. Fortunately, no one was harmed or injured.

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