December 9, 2023
The most famous models of all times have one thing in common, they’re not only incredibly talented, but they’re also hardworking girl bosses.

Harshita Bhaskar, this diva from Kolkata was discovered right out of university. Crowned as Miss Universal Indian Ambassador 2020 (1st Runner Up), Harshita came into limelight after her stint at the Delhi Fashion Week. This beauty bagged another big break as Miss Kolkata , and later Miss Perfect Body in 2021.

Known for her strong expressive eyes, slim body, that signature mole on her chin, and an eclectic style, she broke fashion stereotypes and redefined beauty standards of recent times.

Following the footsteps of curvy icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Kendall Jenner and Ava Gardner, this Indian damsel has proved that all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

On being asked about what she thinks about being a model, she says- Being a model is not just about breathtaking looks and a powerful walk. What makes a model great is their ability to illustrate a photographer’s vision.
My favorite part is all the people I get to meet, the visions I get to bring to life, and being confident on the runway !

If you take a look at her style, Harshita has a sophisticated and edgy look that is perfect for the modern female. Her photos often capture her at iconic locations or in elegant outfits, and she always manages to put a touch of glamour into every photo.

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