May 26, 2024

Since March 30, the shooting of the film “Qurban Hua” commenced in Abohar, and it is nearing completion. The lead actors of the film have been consistently sharing posts, keeping the audience eagerly engaged and excited. Moviegoers are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the film on the big screen.

“Qurban Hua” promises to be a blend of romance, action, and entertainment, ensuring a fulfilling cinematic experience. Gaurav Tandon is directing the film, with Armaan serving as the creative director. Avanish Nagpal and Sahil Mittal are producing the film, with Aman Nagpal and Manik also contributing as producers.

Apart from the lead actors, the film boasts a diverse cast including Anchal Kaur, Vikas Batra, Harpreet Kaur, Manish Wadhwa, and more, adding further intrigue and anticipation among the audience.

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