May 30, 2024


There are reported that actor Ranveer Singh will be headlining the Indian superhero movie, Shaktimaan. Back in the 90s, it was a TV show where Mukesh Khanna was playing the titular role and Shaktimaan was a hit series. Now, Bollywood is gearing up to convert this iconic show into a movie with Ranveer playing Shaktimaan. However, recently, Mukesh shared a post on his Instagram, revealing that Ranveer doesn’t fit to play the iconic character due to his nude photos controversy.

He penned a note saying, “Pura social media mahinon se is rumour se bhara pada tha ki Ranveer karega Shaktimaan. Aur har koi naaraz tha ise lekar. Main chup raha. Lekin jub channels ne bhi elaan karna shuru kar diya ki Ranveer Singh ho gaya hai. To mujhe muhn kholana pada. Aur maine bol diya ki aisi image wala vyakti kitna bhi bada star kyon na ho Shaktimaan nahin ban sakta. I have put my foot down. Ab Aaga aage dekhiye hota hai kya ??

(There are rumours on social media that Ranveer Singh would portray Shaktimaan. And everyone was angry about it. I remained silent. But when channels started announcing that Ranveer had been signed, then I had to speak up. And I have said it that no matter how big a star he is, a person with such kind of image can never become Shaktimaan. I have put my foot down. Now let’s see what happens next).

Mukesh Khanna on Ranveer Singh playing Shaktimaan

In February 2022, Sony Pictures released an exciting announcement on the movie Shaktimaan. Since then, there were reports the Bajirao Mastani actor playing the titular role. Mukesh Khanna also kept sharing anecdotes about the movie and had earlier shared its budget.

Mukesh Khanna on Shaktimaan budget

Khanna said, “Contract has been signed. Ye bohot bade level ki film hai. One film would cost Rs 200-300 crore and it will be made by Sony Pictures, the one who made Spider-Man. But it kept getting delayed, first there was the pandemic, I had announced it on my channel too that the film is happening.”

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